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DEALER INTERNET BATTLE PLAN 3 DAY FULL IMMERSION WORKSHOP JULY 6-8, 2010 – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community ADM.

Dealer Battle Plan Workshop Hosted by Jim Ziegler and Ralph Paglia in Atlantic City on July 6-8th

ATLANTA, June 2 /PRNewswire/ — Top automotive industry trainer Jim Ziegler and digital marketing expert Ralph Paglia present a dynamic workshop to help auto retailers meet online marketing challenges. Automobile retail sales are a fiercely competitive and erratic market. Ziegler and Paglia’s plan is to give dealers an Internet Sales and Marketing Strategy to outperform the competition by gaining unfair competitive advantage on the web. This powerful event will be held at Bally’s Atlantic City, just minutes from the Philadelphia and New York City areas.

Change is constant. Nothing is the way it was, and will never be that way again. After working with thousands of automobile dealers over the years, Jim Ziegler needed to be sure his clients kept up with the new realities of changing technologies and the emerging influence of social media. So he assembled an all-star faculty for this dynamic event. All four presenters are world-class online retail practitioners. Their expertise and hands-on experience has shown they know what works and what doesn’t work in the online sales arena.

Workshop Instructors Ralph Paglia, Joe Webb and Tim Jennings have all been top-rated speakers at premier industry events and have managed both large and small Internet Departments. When interviewed, Jim Ziegler smiled and said, “I’ve assembled a killer team for this event, combat tested veterans with more than four decades of in-the-trenches experience.”

When asked about his success in selling over 4,000 cars via the web in one year while working as Internet Director at Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix, Ralph Paglia smiled and responded, “Our team in Phoenix was able to do that because we went to war on the web with several unfair competitive advantages. As other dealers caught on, copied what we were doing, we continued to launch barrage after barrage of web initiatives that kept us ahead in the market by seizing and controlling car buyer mindshare…” Paglia went on to say that he will deliver several strategic and tactical “How To’s” that will not be for the weak or timid dealer because they are the web equivalent of “going nuclear” on a dealer’s regional competition. Paglia is quoted as saying, “Dealers with a weak stomach for hyper-competitive tactics such as driving traffic from their neighboring dealer’s lots and showrooms using mobile web apps may find some of my more aggressive tactics as being a little over the top… But, by learning my Web Ninja tactics they will recognize when other dealers are stealing business from them before it is too late!”

Now, Ziegler and Paglia are delivering the real deal, content-rich sessions, hands-on “real-world stuff”, not theory. These tactics and processes are battle-tested on the front lines in dealerships all across the country.

Jim continued, “Dealerships can’t afford to miss a single opportunity to do business.” Having a dominant and effective presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other portals is critical to dealership marketing strategy. Ziegler and Paglia are masters of Social medium relationship sales and marketing. Workshop participants will take back an in-depth understanding of how to leverage online relationships for sales and profits. Additionally, Jim and Ralph have each personally committed themselves to delivering a thorough understanding and ability to leverage the following…

  • How to implement ” athway to success”; email to telephone, phone to showroom, appointment to delivery
  • Effectively Maximize Existing Profit Centers and Create New Revenue and Profits
  • How to self-produce videos that capture customer trust and create high levels of credibility
  • Focus sites, microsites, landing page tactics and 12 other secrets to driving high-volume traffic
  • Internet stealth marketing techniques with ‘Ninja’ Search Engine Optimization
  • Beat third party lead providers at their own game on the Internet battlefield
  • Marketing and Advertising with ultimate Video Search Engine Maximization
  • How to turn your dealership into an Internet Sales Powerhouse
  • Customer Relationship Management and CSI Engineering Projects for High Average Profitability, Top-Rated CSI Scores, Customer Retention and Referrals!
  • YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: How to profitize social media through customer-friendly “Pull Marketing”
  • Using little known but powerful web apps to divert OEM traffic to dealership websites
  • Receive individual passwords and authorized access to restricted file servers with hundreds of proven effective email templates, phone scripts, reporting spreadsheets, How To PPT files, performance metrics from top dealers, Internet Dept. Workflow process maps, business plans and other content too valuable to make openly available on the Internet!*

Ziegler SuperSystems is an automotive training and consulting organization based in the Atlanta, GA area. President Jim Ziegleris a member of the National Speakers Association and has been a keynote speaker at National and State Dealer conventions, and has trained over 75,000 Dealers, GSMs, Sales and F&I Managers. Course and Training information is at: Jim can be reached at: 800-726-0510 and Ralph can be reached at 505-301-6369.

*PLEASE NOTE: File Server Access is restricted to workshop attendees and will be revoked for any dealer caught sharing their password with anyone who did not attend the Dealer Battle Plan workshop.

SOURCE: Ziegler SuperSystems and Paglia Professional Network



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A Complete Strategy for Car Dealers to Harness the Power of Social Media

Simply throwing inventory listings on your social site page does little to engage social media users… and it may turn them off completely. And with the size of the ever-growing social media universe, a single page in even a couple social venues is hardly enough. Social media is powerful and your business needs more. BZ makes it easy (and fun) to implement an entire strategy helping you get the full positive impact of Social Media marketing.

Branded User Community

The vast majority of Social Media users expect companies they do business with to participate in social channels. BZ puts your brand and your message at the center of your own vibrant user community connected to every social venue relevant to your market. Then they market it creating positive word-of-mouth and awareness to grow your community and customer base.
social media marketing

Take More Control of Your Brand Reputation Online

Others may be using your hard-earned brand name to their own advantage in the online social world. BZ can ensure your good name is protected in up to hundreds of social sites. In addition, BZ can make you aware when your brand reputation may be at risk giving you an opportunity to interact proactively to enhance your customer’s overall experience.

Amplify the Positive

User-generated content creates engagement. Our solution not only provides a systematic process for producing positive user-generated content, but also for making sure everyone knows about it. Let this solution accelerate the growth and interaction of your community.

eNewsletter Integration

eNewsletter makes a perfect complement to Social Media marketing enabling you to transform your email and loyalty marketing into a real-time informational service for your customers. It is included in certain Social Media packages.

Impactful Results

Remember when a customer that had a good experience with your dealership would tell six people? This is word of mouth for a digital age; we can help you tell thousands.

Social media can help you:

  • Improve your local brand awareness
  • Increase traffic to your eCommerce site
  • Garner higher organic search rankings
  • Grow your customer base

BZ can help you:

  • Take more control of your brand reputation
  • Dovetail social media with your online service
  • Create cross-channel marketing synergy

Features and Packages

BZ’s Social Media & Reputation Management services are offered in 2 packages.
social media marketing packages

social media marketing
Social media is…

HUGE: Over 500 million users

INCREASINGLY DIVERSE: Moms with buying power are the fastest growing social segment

RELEVANT: Google® indexes social content for its search rankings

Demo Links

Get a feel for how our Social Media & Reputation Management solutions can work in your digital strategy. Be a consumer, choose a starting point
Ancira Social Network
ADP Social Community
Ancira Facebook
Ancira Twitter

Getting Started

Interested in learning more about our Social Media & Reputation Management solution?

Request a Demo

You can’t ignore this fact any more. With over 500 million current users, and millions of conversations every day, social media has become the most relevant consumer communications channel on the planet.

You need to make Social Media marketing part of your overall marketing mix. BZ can help you accomplish this the right way.

Also consider, consumers are more than happy to share their experiences and opinions with an ever-expanding network of trusted friends on social sites. That includes their thoughts about the companies they do business with and the brands they use. And, whether or not you choose to participate in social media, your brand is already out there. Do you know what they’re saying about you?

Take more control of your online brand reputation. BZ can help you do this the right way.

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Social Network Use Rises 48% Among US Women

thumb.28c4598af38bac601399018d8ec6dbf8.b7a915ee8939a039a649887eaf04ac1f.jpegA majority of US women use social networking sites, and half of them say social networking sites influence their shopping habits, according to a recent study on online social networking among women from social media platform SheSpeaks. According to the SheSpeaks Second Annual Media Study…

Dec 11-09: Signs of What’s to Come, Women, Online, Online Networks,Measurement/Analytics, Behavioral Marketing, Demographics, Entertainment, Interactive

November Search Share: Google Up Slightly to 71.6%

thumb.67642a5bb2efa00253542399d6c939c0.b7a915ee8939a039a649887eaf04ac1f.jpegGoogle accounted for 71.6% of all US searches conducted in the four weeks ending Nov. 28, 2009, a 1% month-over-month gain vs. the 70.6% share it had in October, according to monthly search-share data from Experian Hitwise. The other three largest search engines, Yahoo Search,…

Dec 11-09: Online, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing,Measurement/Analytics, Interactive

US Ad Spend Slips 11.5% through Q3; Auto Advertising Plunges 31%

thumb.cb514203d30d5d7cade30abe59b4821f.b7a915ee8939a039a649887eaf04ac1f.jpegUS ad spending slipped 11.5%, or by $10.9 billion, to $83.4 billion through the first nine months of the year, according to Nielsen. Spanish-language cable TV, free-standing insert coupons and cable TV were the only ad categories that posted gains so farin 2009, up 36.7%,..

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