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DEALER INTERNET BATTLE PLAN 3 DAY FULL IMMERSION WORKSHOP JULY 6-8, 2010 – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community ADM.

Dealer Battle Plan Workshop Hosted by Jim Ziegler and Ralph Paglia in Atlantic City on July 6-8th

ATLANTA, June 2 /PRNewswire/ — Top automotive industry trainer Jim Ziegler and digital marketing expert Ralph Paglia present a dynamic workshop to help auto retailers meet online marketing challenges. Automobile retail sales are a fiercely competitive and erratic market. Ziegler and Paglia’s plan is to give dealers an Internet Sales and Marketing Strategy to outperform the competition by gaining unfair competitive advantage on the web. This powerful event will be held at Bally’s Atlantic City, just minutes from the Philadelphia and New York City areas.

Change is constant. Nothing is the way it was, and will never be that way again. After working with thousands of automobile dealers over the years, Jim Ziegler needed to be sure his clients kept up with the new realities of changing technologies and the emerging influence of social media. So he assembled an all-star faculty for this dynamic event. All four presenters are world-class online retail practitioners. Their expertise and hands-on experience has shown they know what works and what doesn’t work in the online sales arena.

Workshop Instructors Ralph Paglia, Joe Webb and Tim Jennings have all been top-rated speakers at premier industry events and have managed both large and small Internet Departments. When interviewed, Jim Ziegler smiled and said, “I’ve assembled a killer team for this event, combat tested veterans with more than four decades of in-the-trenches experience.”

When asked about his success in selling over 4,000 cars via the web in one year while working as Internet Director at Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix, Ralph Paglia smiled and responded, “Our team in Phoenix was able to do that because we went to war on the web with several unfair competitive advantages. As other dealers caught on, copied what we were doing, we continued to launch barrage after barrage of web initiatives that kept us ahead in the market by seizing and controlling car buyer mindshare…” Paglia went on to say that he will deliver several strategic and tactical “How To’s” that will not be for the weak or timid dealer because they are the web equivalent of “going nuclear” on a dealer’s regional competition. Paglia is quoted as saying, “Dealers with a weak stomach for hyper-competitive tactics such as driving traffic from their neighboring dealer’s lots and showrooms using mobile web apps may find some of my more aggressive tactics as being a little over the top… But, by learning my Web Ninja tactics they will recognize when other dealers are stealing business from them before it is too late!”

Now, Ziegler and Paglia are delivering the real deal, content-rich sessions, hands-on “real-world stuff”, not theory. These tactics and processes are battle-tested on the front lines in dealerships all across the country.

Jim continued, “Dealerships can’t afford to miss a single opportunity to do business.” Having a dominant and effective presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other portals is critical to dealership marketing strategy. Ziegler and Paglia are masters of Social medium relationship sales and marketing. Workshop participants will take back an in-depth understanding of how to leverage online relationships for sales and profits. Additionally, Jim and Ralph have each personally committed themselves to delivering a thorough understanding and ability to leverage the following…

  • How to implement ” athway to success”; email to telephone, phone to showroom, appointment to delivery
  • Effectively Maximize Existing Profit Centers and Create New Revenue and Profits
  • How to self-produce videos that capture customer trust and create high levels of credibility
  • Focus sites, microsites, landing page tactics and 12 other secrets to driving high-volume traffic
  • Internet stealth marketing techniques with ‘Ninja’ Search Engine Optimization
  • Beat third party lead providers at their own game on the Internet battlefield
  • Marketing and Advertising with ultimate Video Search Engine Maximization
  • How to turn your dealership into an Internet Sales Powerhouse
  • Customer Relationship Management and CSI Engineering Projects for High Average Profitability, Top-Rated CSI Scores, Customer Retention and Referrals!
  • YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter: How to profitize social media through customer-friendly “Pull Marketing”
  • Using little known but powerful web apps to divert OEM traffic to dealership websites
  • Receive individual passwords and authorized access to restricted file servers with hundreds of proven effective email templates, phone scripts, reporting spreadsheets, How To PPT files, performance metrics from top dealers, Internet Dept. Workflow process maps, business plans and other content too valuable to make openly available on the Internet!*

Ziegler SuperSystems is an automotive training and consulting organization based in the Atlanta, GA area. President Jim Ziegleris a member of the National Speakers Association and has been a keynote speaker at National and State Dealer conventions, and has trained over 75,000 Dealers, GSMs, Sales and F&I Managers. Course and Training information is at: Jim can be reached at: 800-726-0510 and Ralph can be reached at 505-301-6369.

*PLEASE NOTE: File Server Access is restricted to workshop attendees and will be revoked for any dealer caught sharing their password with anyone who did not attend the Dealer Battle Plan workshop.

SOURCE: Ziegler SuperSystems and Paglia Professional Network



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Ralph Paglia
Cell: 505-301-6369

“Average” is the exact point where “Sucks” begins… JIM ZIEGLER

Jim Ziegler, CSP, is a product of his own success. He applied the concepts of leveraging relationships and creating strategic alliances to grow his own speaking, consulting and publishing businesses.
Jim’s Credentials Include:

  • A successful, working businessman, Jim is the president and CEO of three corporations: Ziegler Supersystems, Inc. a two-million dollar consulting firm, Ziegler Dynamics, Inc., and Peach State Press, Inc.
  • An Accomplished Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), Jim performs many state and national keynote events, dinner programs, breakout sessions and regional conventions each year
  • Record setting Radio Advertising & Automobile Salesman
  • Top Manager/Record Setting Executive with several of the most successful automobile dealerships in the country
  • Featured national columnist for Dealer Magazine
  • Featured and interviewed as a national authority in USA Today, Bloomberg Magazine, Dow-Jones News, Miami Herald, Indianapolis Star, Cleveland Tribune, Automobile News, RV Executive Magazine, Car Dealer Insider, Auto Age, Automobile Executive, Atlanta Business Chronicle, &Tthe Atlanta Journal Constitution
  • Guest appearances and interviews on radio and television including programs such as: CNNfn and The Liberty National Radio Network, Local Stations and Network Affiliates
  • Member, Board of Directors, Georgia Speakers Association
  • Professional Member, National Speakers Association
  • Eagle Scout, Order of the Arrow

About Jim Ziegler

    James A. Ziegler, CSP – “Da’ Manis a professional member of the National Speaker’s Association as well as National Speaker’s Association Georgia and National Speaker’s Association Tennessee.  In July 2001, he earned the prestigious “Certified Speaking Professional” designation at the NSA National Convention in Dallas. Less than 1/3 of one percent of all professional speakers worldwide ever achieves this coveted honor, the association’s highest earned award.

    For almost 30 years, James A. Ziegler, CSP, has researched, studied and trained in the retail automobile industry as surely as if he were studying for a Masters’ degree in any other profession. He is the ultimate student of our industry. Intellectual dynamics and incredible ability to perform at levels above the industry…Jim Ziegler’s future forecasting has an accuracy for predicting industry trends and events approaching 90%.

    Follow Jim Ziegler on

    President of three corporations with revenues approaching $4 Million annually, nobody has the hands-on experience in the retail automobile business even rivaling his accomplishments and experience. Since March of 1986, when Ziegler left the retail car business following a career as a record setting manager with some of the top dealerships in the country, Ziegler has done business with more than 15,000 dealerships nationwide and more than 100,000 dealers, managers and factory executives have attended Jim’s automobile dealer management seminars. Traveling more than 250 days a year, the man has physically worked in more than 1,000 showrooms in no less than 200 cities in 49 states.



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