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Google Next Update Will Make Current SEO Practices Obsolete!
In a few days time, Google will unleash the biggest shake up of search engine rankings in it’s history.

It’s so big, Mat Cutt’s made the unusual decision to pre-announce it at a conference a couple of weeks ago.

Matt Cutts, the head of search spam at Google, said “you don’t want the next Penguin update.” He warned that the Google “engineers have been working hard,” on this update. He even added the next few updates will be “jarring and jolting” for webmasters and SEOs.

If you’ve been following me, this can’t come as a surprise…

Winter Is Coming

It will be hard, for you, for your clients, for your rankings.


In carnage comes great opportunity.

One of the biggest opportunities will be in helping local businesses through this shake up. Google isn’t unleashing hell on the indexes for fun. They are hitting the reset switch to take advantage of context based searches. They are doing it to stay relevent.

Delivering search results the user needs BEFORE they even knew they needed it…. [1]

Caro McCourtie and I having been training people to work with local businesses for years now. On Thursday evening (US East Coast Time), Caro and I will take you through whats going on.

It sure won’t be link building!!

To register for the webinar click here…

Phoenix From The Flames – How you can take advantage of the imminent Goomageden

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