Franko Hill Ford Taurus Approaches 300,000 miles on Odometer

May 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

Met a guy who sat next to me while flying on USAirways from Charlotte, NC to Phoenix, AZ who told a story about his Ford Taurus that is confirmation of something that happened a long time ago, but is only just now becoming widely accepted… Ford has been building far better cars than any other American Car Company for over ten years. My flight companion with the Taurus Tale is a younger black man (well, younger than me Anyways…) named Franko Hill who was a native New Yorker living in the Queens Borough of the Big Apple (NYC) in 2003 when he purchased a used 2000 Ford Taurus for cash from a used car lot in Queens. After driving the Taurus for a couple of years, Franko packed it up and drove his trusty Taurus to North Carolina where he started working on the next phase of his professional career… As he piled the miles onto that same 2000 Ford Taurus he bought back in Queens, he started realizing that other than oil, filters, brake pads and tires, the Taurus had gone past 150,000 miles without ever needing an unscheduled repair… This inspired Franko to keep on driving his trusty Taurus and see how long the car could continue delivering service without any breakdowns or unexpected repairs.

Well… Franko’s experiment in finding the driving life span limits of a Ford have recently gotten VERY intereting. Any day now, Franko will turn over his Taurus’s Odometer past the 300,000 mile marker! Franko told me that it is now a challenge for him to see how many miles his Ford Taurus can be driven before something breaks…

When we landed in Phoenix, I gave Franko my business card and asked him to send me a cell phone image of his Mega-Mile Ford Taurus’ odometer and send it to my call phone. THe image of Franko’s Ford Taurus odometer with 291,770 miles showing.

Franko is going to send me more photos and record a video of him describing his 7 years and 300,000 miles of driving his Taurus. When the “Franko Taurus” goes over 300k, I am going to make a social media based campaign designed to showcase Franko’s Ford Taurus as an amazing piece of automotive engineering and manufacturering… A car that defies old age, as if Franko is some sort of Guardian Angel. Shown below if the current mileage on the Franko Taurus.

Thank you Franko!!! Your amazing Taurus longevity story is going to make a lot of Ford people smile, but more importantly, the Franko Taurus Story is going to open up a lot of eyes to the reality that Ford has become an automotive manufacturer of cars and trucks that come off the Ford assembly line possessing world class quality, reliability and durability unsurpassed by ANY other car company.

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