Automotive Digital Marketing Consulting Dealer Assessment Questionnaire by Ralph Paglia

March 26, 2010 — Leave a comment

Automotive Digital Marketing Consulting Dealer Assessment Questionnaire by Ralph Paglia – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community ADM.

Alex Andreus started a series of fascinating social media triggered events by creating an ADM Forum discussion titled “Need to Boost my internet and BDC departments” which he posted on March 20, 2010.  The Question Alex posed was that he was seeking information on who would be the best Automotive Digital Marketing Consultant available to serve his Brickell Honda dealership in South Florida.  Alex’s Forum Discussion set off a flurry of over 165 responses, comments, debates and discussions in the first 48 hours…Eddie Coleman moderating with a timer on display for each consultant’s allotted turn to answer…
Culminating on Thursday March 25th with one of the most unique and virtually spontaneous “Webinars” I have ever witnessed… A virtual “Battle of the Bands” among several of the ADM Community’s leading Digital Marketing Consultants who each answered the same questions with

Eddie Coleman
I have to admit it was an impressive undertaking, with Eddie Coleman using his team’s resources to set up a Go To Meeting webinar and conference call line, while the ADM message and content syndication systems invited thousands of automotive professionals to attend… With over 100 car dealers and consultants participating, everyone involved agreed that it was an amazing result for an event that was conceived, planned and executed in less than 4 days.
Congratulations to Alex Andreus, Eddie Coleman and our distinguished Automotive Digital Marketing Consultants:

Phil Zelinger,

Joe Webb,
Shannon Page,

Megan Bucher

And big kudos goes out to all those who attended and were involved in coming together for an ADM “Meetup” webinar that was enlightening and a learning experience for all… Well done, I say… Well done!  [Read the rest of the story]

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