Archives For May 3, 2009

I created this blog using my new Apple iPhone and the WordPress Application downloaded to my phone from the iPhone AppStore… After Apple announced that over a billion iPhone Apps had been downloaded to date. I suppose claiming Early Adopter status on this new wave is out of contention for me. Oh well, I am still the first person to ever publish a blog while in a commercial jetliner above 30,000 feet, thanks to Southwest Airlines FAA trials for in-flight wifi Internet access.

Before I digress too much, the purpose of this blog will be to publish the story about the phenomenon that has become of the professional community I created in early January 2008 located at I am doing this outside of the ADM community so the perspective and analysis of cause and effect can be more objective than if the story of the ADM Professional Community’s unparralelled success were to be written inside the community itself.