Perfect for Car Dealer Internet Advertising Campaigns – Google Adwords Launches New Display Advertising Features Allowing Dealers to Target Specific Websites and Geography

November 30, 2008 — Leave a comment

As Google continues to glean display advertising expertise through their acquisition of DoubleClick, the hits just keep on coming… Google has added several MORE new features to the Google AdWords display ad builder recently launched in September 2008. Dealers and their Managers can use these new capabilities to easily create and self-administer their website targeted display advertising placements… Google says that there most recent upgrades to the Adwords display ad creator application are based on user feedback, but I personally suspect some of the DoubleClick gang at work. Google has increased functionality in a way that provides greater dealer customization capabilities and even makes building website display ads easier.

For example, the new image picker feature lets dealers choose from a library of previously uploaded images, such as dealership and brand logos, when creating new ads. I especially like the real-time editing display that lets users see ad copy and text, along with any other custom edits without having to repeatedly click the “update preview” button.

The Google Adwords display ad builder updates give dealers a quicker way of seeing the various sizes the ad can run in each ad template without having to complete the ad creation process. There is a preview mode that provides a view of how customization choices affect each size. The tool also offers additional website display advertising templates. Dealers can get started right away with website and geotargeted local display advertising by entering their offer or promotional text, uploading vehicle images, brand badges and dealership logos. Dealers can then select their favorite ad format from more than 40 professionally designed display advertising templates.

In fact, these new Google Adwords display advertising capabilities make it exceptionally easy to quickly create ads with different offers and then run A-B testing to see which offer has more appeal to car buyers by simply comparing click-through rates from the same websites. One of the more enlightening insights I was able to see in a matter of one week was that some offers that work better on certain types of websites, actually underperform on other sites. For example, special lease offers seem to work well on financial news sites, whereas an offer for free upgrade to 22″ Wheels and low profile tires out-pulled the lease payment offer on enthusiast sites.

All of this brings to the forefront another advantage of digital advertising versus offline advertising… The ability to target the right message to the right audience at the right time in their online research process.

You can see Google’s own step-by-step process for creating, distributing and tracking online display advertisements at the following site:

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